Velo Orange Porteur Racks.

They are made out of stainless steel.  They’re very durable and strong, and the surface doesn’t get chipped or rubbed bare like a powder coated rack would.  The have a large platform (about 36cm x 29cm) on top and a removable rail.  They weigh about 1kg.  You can tie down a bag or a box (a pizza box for instance) or any other large items.  It also has hooks and a rail for panniers.  It has four bosses for attaching your light and one boss underneath the platform for a mud guard. It mounts to the brake bridge on the fork crown and an eyelet at the dropout.

Carrying the load up front is nice because you can keep an eye on it, and because it doesn’t have the tail-wagging-dog effect of a heavy rear load.  It also stresses the front wheel rather than the back, which is good because in the course of riding the front wheel is less stressed than the back and is stronger anyway.

Price as of August 2010 is $250.  As always, we’re happy to ship interstate.  And as always, if you get us to fit it we’ll make sure it’s done as neatly, a strongly as possible.

A customer we sent one to said in an email: “The rack is very nicely made and I’m please to see that there is a bit of subtle triangulation on the support struts – something that had concerned me as this wasn’t obvious in the on-line pictures. Time will tell of course but I’m looking forward to getting a lot more use out of my old mtb.”

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