Commuter Cycles has gone Off Course


Well, if the truth be told, we’ve been going Off Course since the day we started! 

When we opened in 2008 as a one person workshop, I had a very narrow idea of the people and bikes we wanted to serve. Commuter Cycles summed it up perfectly, and our logo design based on the bike path street sign said it all.

Having never worked in a bike shop beforehand, I have forged my own path since day one, existing very much outside the norm; a workshop focus, same-day servicing and offering courtesy bikes defined us in those early years.

In the 16 years since, our team has grown far beyond me, and we have evolved by going further off course; continually investing back into our business in ways that cater to our broadening interests and those of our customers. Bikepacking and Expedition Touring are now a huge part of what we do.

As our vision and reach has expanded, the name Commuter Cycles no longer represented the diversity and breadth of our store, our community, or our team. We’ve made numerous efforts over the years to add to it visually, but ultimately decided that we needed a fresh start.

So began the difficult task of choosing a name that captured our essence. Changing was about finding a name that better reflects who we are today. It’s not about wanting to change who we are, or what we do in the future, it’s about our name catching up to the present.

Whether it’s taking the long way home from work, or a scenic singletrack route to a beautiful camping spot, we believe that Off Course does just that. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Thank you for your support to get us to this point, and we hope you join us as we continue adapting and evolving Off Course as a business, a team and a community.

Happy trails and much love,

Always and forever, Commuting – Touring – Adventure.


Have you moved location?

No. Off Course Bike Shop is still located on Wurundjeri Country, at 14 Prentice Street, Brunswick VIC 3056. Our phone number is still 03 9388 1319, but our new website is offcourse.bike

Do you still cater to Commuter Cyclists?

Yes. Commuter Cyclists are still at the core of what we do, it’s just not ALL we do, (or have done for a long time). Off Course still offers pre-booked, same day servicing and courtesy bikes to keep commuters rolling.

Will my bike/product warranty, Gift Voucher or store credit still apply?

Yes. We’re the same legal entity, we just have a new name, so anything that applied to Commuter Cycles, now applies to Off Course Bike Shop.

Have you been bought by 99 Bikes, SCV Imports or some Private Equity vulture?

No. Off Course is still owned by Huw and Will, so if you’re a private equity vulture, please get in touch!

How did you decide on a new name?

With much difficulty!! Finding a word or words that captures our essence has proved incredibly hard, but we’re super stoked with Off Course, and I now totally understand why new brands just make words up these days.

I love the new identity! Who did the new design work?

We were very lucky to work with the talented team at Alter. They are incredibly talented, and were super  helpful and understanding helping us navigate what has been a big journey for us.


  1. Gavin J Anderson

    Great to see you are all still around, I was worried someone was leaving or being sold off! I very much appreciated the courtesy bikes when I was working. You have a great bike shop and even my French son in law is impressed with what you offer. I will be back in Australia one day and I will be sure to drop by.

  2. Melbourne’s best bikeshop by a longway – but I’ve long thought the name Commuter Cycles undersold what you guys did and were capable of.

    The new name is great 🙂

  3. I’ve been offcourse for years, so, it is great to have a bike store that supports and truely understands its diverse customer base.

    Awesome name…keep staying ‘off course’. 😅🤙

  4. luke Strzebonski

    makes sense – congratulations
    the name defines exactly what this shop is all about – I love it

  5. I was kinda a bit confused a few days ago, when I reopened a tab in my phone’s browser that had a commuter cycles page open at the tumbleweed persuader bar product page. Then suddenly, right before my eyes, it changed to ‘off course’. At first I thought I’d been redirected to a competitor. But I soon figured it was just a name change. And today’s email confirmed it. Nice work. I love it. And I’ll be coming in soon for a persuader bar for my “off course” ATB/bike packing rig.

  6. I spent 5 years riding past Commuter Cycles. Now that I live in Perth where do you think the only place in Australia I could order a Krampus frame in my size was? It came with a bonus rad Commuter Cycles hat in the box too. Feels even cooler now since I noticed the very next week they changed their name. Building it up to hit the Munda Biddi.

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