Have you been looking for a fresh look, an exciting way to revitalise your existing ride or even an alternative colour for your new bike purchase?

Powder Coating is a super durable and cost effective process for a fresh coat of colour on your beloved bike or selection of components.

Sounds crazy, What is Powder Coating?

It involves a pretty rad process where the coloured powder is applied electrostatically using a powder gun. This means that it is sprayed on using compressed air, passing over an electrode in the gun. It’s then placed in an oven and the heat bakes it on to apply it permanently. Science!

What can be Powder Coated? Available for Frames & Forks made from metal.Yep, that means if your Frameset is made from Steel, Aluminium, Titanium etc. it’ll work wonderfully. We can also have this applied to some other bike components such as stems and racks..

If your Frame or Fork contains Carbon Fibre, Bamboo, plastic or any funky non electrically conductive materials, unfortunately the process won’t be possible, but drop us a line anyway as we can look into getting your ride painted locally by a skilled expert.

Our Powdercoating Service

We offer two levels of Powder Coating:

Standard Powder: $550 (per frameset.)
This is a single colour of your choice.

Deluxe Powder: $850 (per frameset.)
This is a deluxe process involving metallics, pearlescent or other non-standard finishes.

Minimum Powder: $300+ (priced per job)
Just like ordering a Minimum Chips, this is our entry cost for any small items or components that you might also like to have coated.

Colour selection

Unlike paint, which can be mixed to just about any colour, powder coat is pre-made so it is only available in a range of colours and finishes. Check out the colours of our supplier Oxytech.

Labour Charges

We can also provide all of the necessary disassembly, reassembly or frame finishing required to get you rolling. Get in touch and we can quote you on your particular job.

Previous Examples

Check out our insta feed below for Custom Builds or frames tagged #powdercoat

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